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Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Risk to Resilience Research Lab

USF's human trafficking research lab receives nearly $3 million in federal support to build and enhance anti-trafficking tools
March 12, 2024
The University of South Florida's Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Risk to Resilience Research Lab is moving forward with the creation of powerful new resources to combat human trafficking and aid victims after receiving nearly $3 million from the 2024 federal spending package. Dr. Shelly Wagers was the Principal Investigator (PI) on a Fall 2020 USF I-Corps team.

Zachary Haber

Off-the-Shelf Repair for Corroded Bridges Advanced Techniques & High-Strength Materials
March 4, 2024
One of just four projects supported by recent seed funding provided by USF Research & Innovation and the Florida High Tech Corridor Early-Stage Innovation Fund, Dr. Haber's research team has developed an innovative solution for repairing failing steel bridges. The long-range commercial aim is to develop a repair system that is versatile and deployable at scale by bridge owners. Dr. Zachary Haber is the Principle Investigator (PI) for a Spring 2024 USF I-Corps team.

Yeh's NEWgenerator

USF wins AUTM's Better World Project Award for Professor Yeh's NEWgenerator
February 23, 2024
AUTM, the national organization for university technology managers, has named the University of South Florida the winner of its 2024 Better Project Award. The USF Technology Transfer Office worked with inventor Daniel Yeh, a professor in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, and his team to secure intellectual property protection for NEWgenerator. Dr. Daniel Yeh was the Principal Investigator (PI) for a 2015 national NSF I-Corps team and a Spring 2016 USF I-Corps team.